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Apparently 3.5 month olds need alone time too

DS woke up this morning like usual, very happy.  We played, he ate and showed signs of his usual I've been awake for an hour, I need to go back to bed...  So, I put him in his crib with his paci and favorite Aiden and Anais  issie and tucked him in with a cozy blanket.  I watched him on the monitor and he was just laying there, eyes wide opening, rubbing the issie on his face.  He usually takes less then 5 minutes to fall asleep but he was showing no signs of falling out.  His paci came out and he squawked a bit so I went in and he gave me a big smile.  I picked him up figuring he wasn't going to nap but then he just started whining at me, like put me down!  I laid him back in the crib, repeated the process and now he's doing the same thing.  Just laying holding his blanket, a little talking...  Maybe he's sick of me!?! 



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Re: Apparently 3.5 month olds need alone time too

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    My son definitely gets bored with me sometimes, and will be perfectly content to watch the lights on his activity gym for quite a while before he wants me again.  If I lay on the floor to play with him he'll completely ignore me! 

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    My DS likes to have his independent times throughout the day.  Usually when he's in his Jumperoo or on his activity mat.  I try to use that time to get things done around the house but stay in the room.  For example, his activity mat stays in his room and I straighten his room or fold/put away laundry while he plays.  When he's in his Jumperoo I try to eat lunch or load/unload the dishwasher.  He always lets me know when he's ready for my attention or needs some mommy snuggles!

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    DD does this too! sometimes she gets so cranky and nothing calms her so we put her in her swing or bouncer and she'll just "chill". DH calls it her me times and says she is just like mama needing her "me time" lol
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