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Who has the BJ City Select?

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Re: Who has the BJ City Select?

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    I have it and *love* it.  I can't praise it enough, especially for the twin/double-expansion capacity of it.  It's very high quality though you pay for that.  But, here's some of the pros/cons on the tip of my tongue:

    -can take baby from newborn to ~4-5 yrs old
    -can easily expand if you have twins or another baby/toddler
    -versatile combination capabilities (with bassinette, carseat and seats)
    -easy/quick to disassemble/collapse
    -not very heavy when compared to other strollers
    -good trunk (storage) capacity
    -love the bassinettes with newborns
    -compatible with a wide range of car seats
    -very durable
    -is a very smooth ride, great shocks/tires

    -limited color selection (black, red or white)
    -expensive (but worth every penny!)
    -very a-la-carte, which adds up, depending on your needs (need to buy bassinet, car seat adapter, cup holder, expansion kit with extra seat)
    -doesn't easily "stand up" on its own when collapsed/folded.  So, when loading it into the car, you have to lean it up against the car or hold it up until you are ready to put it in the trunk (unless you want it to lay it down)
    -some car seats are easier/more convenient to load onto it than others.  If you aren't a stickler about what carseat you get, watch the YouTube videos and get the brand that is easiest/most compatible

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    Awesome!  Thanks for that!  What color do you have?  Just wondering because the Silver looks white to me. 
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    I have the red one, simply because the silver one looked white and I thought it would get dirty/show dirt too much (especially with twins) and the black one is too hot for living in Arizona, where we get sunny days seemingly every day of the year.

    I have quite a few pics, if you want to see anything specific.

    Other pros I thought of:

    -the handle bar telescopes, if you are tall, so you don't have to hunch over.  I am 5'3" and DH is 5'8" and we think it is comfortable in both the high and low handlebar settings.
    -if you have the $ for it, you won't regret it!

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    I have this stoller in black. I agree with pp on all of the pros and cons. I love my stroller. I just wish it could double as a jogging stoller, as well.
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    My SIL has it and she loves it...

    Other than the PP, the only thing I would add is that it's pretty heavy.  I wouldn't get it for my twins, it works much better for toddler/baby combo.  The baby that's on the lower deck always seem neglected to me.

    My Bumbleride is awesome and works much better for my twins.

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