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little gym vs gymboree

Any advice on these?  I know I can go and test them out.  Just by looking at the Gymboree website, the one on Huebner would be the best fit for my schedule.  If you go to either one of these do you mind sharing how much you pay?  My LO is 4 months if that matters.  Thanks!!!

Re: little gym vs gymboree

  • Carter goes to The Little Gym. Honestly, at 4 months I don't think the (IMO) overpriced classes would be worth it as everything at The Little Gym is gymnastics based. Even Carter is young for a lot of the more acrobatic themes.

    We go now because Carter looks forward to it all week and I don't have the heart to take it away from him. We are really considering dropping it when the semester ends because of the cost.


  • We joined both. Charlie started Little Gym at almost 5 months and Gymboree at 5 months.  DD loves Little Gym, and is asleep before we back out of the parking space.  IMO, LG is helping me with her physical development.  We do exercises there that I would not think to do at home.  I am noticing a big change in her development in rolling, sitting... The other kiddos in her class seem to like it also.  You are up and moving the whole class, and they have all sorts of things to climb on and make tummy time easier.  DD HATES tummy time, but will do it at the Gym.   I am learning a lot on how to help her physical development and DD is thriving so we love going to Little Gym.

    I like Gymboree more for my socialization.  Honestly, while it is a great class, I already do/or could do the stuff we do there at home.  You sing songs, look in the mirror, and the instructor blows bubbles.  You could find a mom's group and do the same sort of thing in a group setting for free.  With that said, it is fun, I feel like DD likes it, and I like the other mom's in the class so it is worth it to me to go.  Depending on your goals, you will find value in both.  Good luck!  Edited to add: We pay $80 a month at Gymboree and it is about the same at Little Gym except you pay by the semester, but it is about $20 a class also. I paid $360 for the Spring semester.  I think that is from the end of January to first of June. I paid less than that for the Fall/Winter session because I signed up after the semester started.

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  • I tried both and I like Gymboree better, especially for younger babies. When my LO is 2 yrs old I will consider Little Gym. I started taking him to G when he was 14 months old, I honestly don't think it's worth it for babies younger than 10 months, I mean, how much can they really get out of it? And I pay $80/month for just one class a week, the Play & Learn class, Level 4. I've tried both locations but the Huebner Rd one is better I think. People are nicer and the setup seems better to me. When you've been enrolled more than 6 months the fee goes down to $70/month.
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