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Survivors of the 4-mo wakfeul period...

How did LO get back to sleeping more consistently?? Did you start sleep-training during this time or did your LO eventually return to a better sleep pattern on his/her own?

We are in week 3 of the wakeful period with DD and I'm wondering if I should take this time to deswaddle her (which I'm dreading). She fusses more when we swaddle her up but then can't sleep (at ALL!) without it. I guess I'm just hoping for a few survival tales of the wakeful period and what got you through it. I am hitting that exhaustion phase myself now....

Re: Survivors of the 4-mo wakfeul period...

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    Please give us hope by answering this post!! We are starting week three and each week has gotten worse.
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    We only had one week of the wakeful period. She returned naturally to her regular sleep pattern. I had started the deswaddle process and it made it worse. So I just kept with the swaddle. I'm scrapping the whole deswaddle thing and following her cues. I now we only had one week of it and I can't even imagine three weeks but it will pass. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. HTH
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    I survived the 4 mo- wakeful period!   That should be a badge.... hmmm

    My DD was unswaddled at 3 months for 2 weeks and she did wonderfully... at 3.5 months the 4 month wakeful began and I swaddled her again.  She finally outgrew that period and went back to only waking up once or twice a night after 1.5 months.   I didn't sleep train... she just improved on her own.  Now I'm starting the process of deswaddling again.  Now she sleeps with 1 arm out.  I'll keep it like that for a week then bring the other arm out too.

    Hang in there. 

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    The turning point for us was last week.  In total, I'd say it lasted about 3 full weeks.  Before this, DD had been sleeping 12 hours straight and then she started waking 2 times a night and I would usually feed her one of those times and let her fuss back to sleep the other.  (We sleep trained a while back and she only needed one night before she was sleeping 12 hours.  She's 4 months old, btw.)    Last week we were feeling particularly strung out and we decided to stop swaddling.  She had been breaking out of the swaddle in the middle of the night to suck on her fingers.  She had a rough night the first night - but ended up sucking on her fingers and soothing herself that way.  Since then, she's been sleeping through the night.  Basically, it does get better - it just takes time.   I like to think that we're done with the wakeful period now, but I know better than to say anything.  We've had a good few nights and I'm hoping and praying that this will last.  Good luck, mommas!  We're all in this together!!!

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    We went through about 5-6 weeks of wakeful. She just went back on her own. We cosleep sometimes so that helped, but really she just went back to her normal schedule on her own. It doesn't last forever, honest!
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    i am on week 4 or 5 of the wakeful time.... hopefully it ends soon..
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    Thanks for the feedback ladies! I completely agree that there should be a badge of honor for surviving the wakeful period in one piece. I appreciate the input- think we will stick with swaddling for now (why make a bad situation worse, right?) and follow her cues.


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