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Induction turned C-Section (birth story 8 months late)

I wrote my first birth story on here a while ago and decided that it was time to add my second.

 I had my first baby in October 2008 and got pregnant with my second 7 months later. My beautiful second daughter was born on March 4, 2010 at 2:40 p.m. via an unplanned C-Section.

On March 3, 2010, I went into my prenatal appointment thinking I would get my usual check up and everything would be fine. It was two days before my EDD. Things had been measuring ahead by a couple of weeks, but the doctor was confident that, as a second time mommy, I could handle a bigger baby (he was estimating a couple ounces bigger than my first). After he measured me that last time, however, he noticed that I was suddenly measuring WAY ahead. This set off alarm bells for him and he told me that he would like to get a U/S to make sure I didn't have too much fluid.

I went to my U/S appointment at the hospital and was trying not to worry too much. My husband and mom met me there to offer me support. When the tech checked me, the baby looked healthy and was estimated around 9 1/2 lbs, but she noticed that my fluid was actually incredibly low (or so it seemed). She immediately called my doctor who said, "there is no reason to keep this girl pregnant. Low fluid is not good - send her up to L&D and let's induce her."

I was shocked. I had nothing ready for this - I didn't even get to see my oldest before going up! But I was excited that I would finally get to meet my surprise baby girl (we weren't intending to have two under two).

I went up to L&D at 2 p.m. and they prepped me with the monitors, etc. I would need for my induction. As a second time mommy, they decided to try inducing with cervadil instead of pitocin as second time moms usually respond well to this. I had the cervadil placed at 5 p.m. and by 6 p.m. I started cramping pretty bad. I was able to rest a little, but by 11 p.m. I was getting hit with hard contractions pretty frequently. I labored through these and at 3 a.m. the nurse came in to remove the cervadil, since my contractions were 1 minute or less apart and were incredibly strong. My husband had fallen asleep early on (10ish), so I was contracting the entire time without him because I didn't want to wake him.

At 5 a.m. the contractions were still hard/frequent (worse than with my first labor) and I finally woke DH up and called my mom to let her know things were working and I was sure I was making good progress. By that point I may have been 5-6 cm dialated.

At 7-8 cm, the contractions were terribly hard and frequent and I was exhausted, having not slept since the night of March 2 (and I wasn't sleeping very well because my body ached all the time). I finally asked for some relief in the form of stadol (I had been laboring med-free and still refused to have an epi). That was the craziest hour of my life - if I ever labor again, I will refuse stadol. Crazy. Anyway, after the stadol wore off my water broke and I progressed to 10 cm within an hour.

I started pushing and it was so uncomfortable and I could tell something wasn't working. I pushed hard and well for an hour or so, but finally broke down and said I couldn't do it. The nurses said that I should keep trying, so I did, but I knew something wasn't right. They examined me and noticed that the baby was not descending at all.

They finally listened to me and started prepping for a c-section. They gave me the option to continue pushing or to work through the contractions and I opted for the latter (too exhausted and in too much pain to push any more).

After two hours, I was finally brought to the OR to have my lower half numbed and begin the c-section. Having a needle poked into my back while contracting non-stop was nearly unbearable. By the time they numbed me, I was starting to go into shock. They transferred me to the table and started prepping me while I shook non-stop and eventually loss my cookies. I guess my husband was livid when they finally let him come in.

He stayed by my side the entire time and spoke comforting words to me to try and calm me. It took about 20 minutes and my daughter was delivered - weighing 10lbs 12 oz! She was beautiful and big. They let us see her for a minute and then took her to get cleaned up. My husband stuck by me, because I was still shaking and he didn't want to leave me. My mom was actually the first to hold her. THe nurses told me that the decision to go to a c-section was a very wise one -the baby had moved up and not down, even with all the pushing. She was stuck on my pelvic bone and, if we had continued, she would have gone into distress and I would have had an emergency c-section (it is classified as that, but they didn't put me under all the way and my incision was not vertical - thank God).

I had to wait an hour before I could officially hold/nurse my baby and they had to give her a shot of sugar water in the meatime because her sugar was low. But when I finally got to hold her, she nursed like a champ and never had an issue with blood sugar again.

She is such a sweet, happy baby and we are so blessed! And our oldest daughter has grown to love her sister so much. It's sweet to see the two of them together, especially now that my youngest is more interactive.  It wasn't my ideal birth experience, but it was worth it!

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