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what are the rules for pumping and freezing

Can I thaw frozen breastmilk, pour some into a bottle and refreeze the rest? What about if DS doesn't finish a whole bottle... can I refreeze his leftovers? TIA!

Re: what are the rules for pumping and freezing

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    Once it's thawed it needs to be used within 24hrs and should not be refrozen.  I freeze in different volumes (anywhere between 2-5 oz) so that I can just thaw what I need. has a lot of good info about this as well. 

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    Ditto pp.

    I keep a bottle of fresh pumped in the fridge (can stay for 8 days) and use that to top off thawed milk if I need to. I freeze in her minimum (was 3, then 4, now 5 oz) and then use the fresher stuff for extra if DD is still hungry. 

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    It says in the newest La Leche book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding that you can refreeze breastmilk as long as your LO hasn't drank from it yet.  You must do it w/in 24 hours though. 
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