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I am at a loss of hair input needed PLEASE!

Good Morning,


I had previously posted about hair loss and lack of energy before and the consensus was that this couldn?t be normal that and that no other mom was having these symptoms and I should see the doctor. When I went to get my hair cut the my long time friend and hair dresser noticed how thin my hair was and the lack of shine she expressed her concerns as well so?


I recently went to the doctor (my gyno) to talk to them about this I though perhaps is was hormone related and they assure me this is normal??

They did test my thyroid to ensure it was okay and the blood test they did came back good. She said to take an herbal supliment ?biotin? everyday and this would help my hair. I?m assuming this will help with the regrowth, but what about all this that is falling out.


I?m at a loss her (literally) my hair is so thin and I loose a sink full both morning and night. My hair is so thin now that I?m considering a bob hair cut after It just took me 2 years to grow it you. Ever time I change a diaper there is hair in there and I just don?t know what to do.


So I guess I?m asking this again because I?m hoping this is either normal and there are other moms out there this is happening to. Or if I should make and appointment with my General doctor?


Any input and suggestions are welcomed!

Oh and yeah DD is 5 months today!

Re: I am at a loss of hair input needed PLEASE!

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    It can't hurt to double check..but according to my mom friends, its normal.  and my hair was lovely while pregnant..and it looks AWFUL now! 
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    Well, at least your Dr checked your levels and they were ok.  

    Depending on the length of your hair you might want to get a hair cut.  That's the only thing that I've found that helps a bit. 

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    Yes, I'm losing my hair too.  I've always lost hair in the shower, but it actually stopped during pregnancy.  Now it's back and worse.  One thing that you might want to think about it taking an extra iron supplement.  Low iron levels can cause your hair to fall out and it can be permanent.  Low iron can also make you tired.  I had my ferretin levels checked and I was really low.  So I take an iron supplement three times a day in addition to my regular vitamin.  (Yes, it's a lot of iron.)  I started to feel better within a week or so.  You could get your levels checked to see if they are low.  Make sure they do a "Ferretin Assay" and NOT a CBC.  A CBC can give a false picture of what your iron levels are.  Hope you feel better soon and that we all stop losing our hair!
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    I'm losing a lot of hair, too, but it doesn't sound as extreme as yours.

    Hope it stops &/or you figure out what's causing it soon!

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    My hair starts to fall out around 4-5 months after each pregnancy. It sucks but it will eventually stop and your hair will get better.

    I watched on the Today show last week that hair loss is caused by stress as well as hormones, and when its stress that causes the hair loss it usually doesn' thappen until 6-12 weeks after the stress was triggered.

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    I knew that hair loss was expected after having a baby, but I don't remember having this much hair loss after DS1...but this time, I feel like I am going bald.  I pull clumps out in the shower, and find hair everywhere.  For me, the hair loss has been going on for about 3 weeks now and I want it to stop.  I miss my hair.  Maybe I will try iron supplements...


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    yes, normal! it happened to all my friends and is starting to happen to me too.
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