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What is in your diaper bag?  I have the bag and am at a loss of what to fill it with.  I have some burp cloths and a nursing cover in it right now.  I know I need to add some diapers but am at a loss beyond that.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

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    In the beginning I kept diapers, wipes, burp rags, two onsies, two sleep and plays, extra pacifiers, diaper rash cream, and extra formula, and a bottle of water, Now I keep the same except I no longer carry extra sleep and plays, or formula and I do have a bottle of juice and snacks for the girls.
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    Part of it depends on if you're going to breast-feed or not, and what your baby is soothed by.

    Before the girls were born I had mine filled with:

    -3 bottles (empty then, of course)

    -4 Pacifiers

    -Burp cloth


    -Extra outfit for each girl


    -Hand sanitizer

    -Bottom cream



    Hope that helps!


    ETA: Ooops! Just read you needed a nursing cover, which probably means you're going to breast-feed. Sorry, I'm no help in that area! 

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    same as shllshavintwins...and as they get older a few toys to keep their attention at church/store/ also in the warm months sun screen and hats.

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    What the others said.  Plus, gas drops and teething tablets.  I also keep an extra pair of socks in there and a small recieving blanket incase I ever need to change a diaper somewhere and want to put something down under the baby.  I also keep a camera and my wallet in mine ;)  My purse days are over.
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    Something that has been really useful are those sanitary wipes you can buy to wipe off toys, pacis, etc. if you drop them while out.  They are safe to use on all of those things that go in LOs mouth (I bought them at BRU).
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    Oh, and possibly a few of those scented bags to dispose of poopie diapers in? 
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    I keep my bottles in a cooler when I'm out, so the only things in my diaper bag are: diapers, wipes, pacifiers, 2 backup outfits (usually onesies + footie pjs), 2 bibs, 1 burp cloth. I also keep my wallet & keys in there too.
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    Way to much!  Bottles, food, bibs, diapers, wipes, formula, spoons for food, a few toys, burp cloths, change of clothes (we've had accidents and no change and it wasn't fun), my phone, my wallet, my small makeup bag....
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    I have alot in my diaper bag. most of the stuff I have never used and need to take out.

    I have a nursing cover, burp clothes, diapers, wipes, changing pad, two extra outfits, snacks for me, bottle of water, camera, wallet, keys, zertec, hand sanatizer, butt cream, baby coupons, recieving blanket, and tylenol.

    I have also recently added toys, and baby food.

    There are other things in there that I am going to take out like nursing pads (I never leaked), pacifiers (my babies never took to them), nipple cream, thermometer, gas drops (don't need anymore), and baby lotion.

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    Thank you so much ladies!
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