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Baby Hates Everyone


Our 4 month old pretty much throws a complete fit for people. There are like 2 people she can tolerate and everyone else? She would totally bite them if she had teeth. She cries when they hold her & talk to her, screams at the top of her lungs, etc.

If myself or my husband hold her, she calms down/is fine.

She's also "the" baby I posted about a while back getting easily over-stimulated.

 It's kind of frustrating because I thought they kind of... grew out of this? But now it seems like maybe she's growing into it? And it's upsetting when your family is from out of town (like all of them) so they only see her once or twice a month & when they do? She hates her life. 

 : Sucks. I want to "share" her sweet little personality with people & let them see her laugh & talk & everything but she'll have none of it. I'll see other people pass their babies around at holiday parties & stuff and our LO would NEVER allow that.

Anyway - I love her & she can do whatever she wants cause she's a baby :) but it does kinda stink sometimes. 

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    M dd was like that only she wouldn't goto ANYONE. Not even dh. I always gave her time to warm up to a situation before just trying to force a situation, person or anything else in her face. 

    I also found that facing out in the bjorn or lillebaby really helped her. She was able to observe without having to feel pressured and she was still close to me.  

    It was easily 15 months before she'd goto anyone that wasn't her age. She'd scream if people even looked in her direction. But she was such a happy kid. Just shy. She's still shy, but now she's at least open to being reasoned with. 

    She'll grow out of it eventually. It may be hard though to keep explaining to everyone that you're really not trying to keep her from anyone. And it will be hard to hear that it's because you don't force her to go that she's like that.  

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    You know my daughter was the exact same way (I was actually just talking about it tonight!)..she wouldnt tolerate anyone besides me and eventually my husband. Even my mom used to get major attitude & crying from Lilly! She always came around though. She's not one of those kids who was/is super outgoing/smiley/friendly at first but once she warms up, she is the sweetest little person you will ever meet:) My son is the total opposite & smiles at everyone & will very easily be passed around from person to person. Kids are just different & have different personalities. Dont feel bad if your daughter isnt super happy with strangers right away b/c she will eventually learn to warm up on her own time. I think it is hard for kids who are a little more cautious at first b/c they have no control when we just turn them over to strangers. When they are a little bit older, they can control where they go a bit more, ya know? - I love the sound you make when you shut up. Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
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    My dd is the same way right now, I am hoping it is just a phase. I feel bad when family wants to hold her and she screams like a wild woman. If she is sitting outward looking around she seems ro be fine. But the second you turn her around all hell breaks loose.

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    As ridiculous as this sounds, part of it is just my issue... I'm very, very, very outgoing (DH is very introverted) and so is my side of the family - so it's more difficult for me to think that she may have a shy temperament. I'm not really afraid to admit that because I know how idiotic it is to feel this way with a four month old but I'll get over it ;) She's her daddy's girl through & through... and I adore *him* and her too! Just needed to vent, mostly!
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    DS is like me. He'll tolerate new people if it's just them and DH or myself. But if there's a crowd, he can't handle it. And he HATES being passed around. I have a ton of family coming in for Thanksgiving this year to meet him, so we're just going to lay down the ground rules at the very beginning to try to avoid a breakdown like last time.

    1. One person can hold him at a time before he gets passed back to DH or me for a while. Then another person can hold him.

    2. Don't get all up in his face. He's good if he sits on your lap and can look around.

    Babies have their own people preferences just like we do. DS might outgrow it or he might not. I guess it's just up to us to find a compromise?

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    The only person we've ever had problems with is my dad. Sarah doesn't want anything to do with him. At. All.  She's a total flirt with most people, as long as I am holding her.  I think my 41 year old brother will be her favorite playmate, lol.  She adores him.  If she's not in a mood to be held, she'll start whining and we know to back off.  With my dad, though, she will start screaming as soon as he reaches for her.

    I'll admit I'm not all that upset by her being shy.  It makes it a lot easier to tell people no who want to hold her.  I just tell them she's going through a shy stage and might start screaming.  They usually back off like she has the plague.

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    DD is the exact same way right now. If anyone comes up to her in her car seat at the grocery, she crys.  We go over to our neighbors house and my neighbor wants to hold her she SCREAMS.  I feel like people look at me and think I am "babying" her at home and rushing to her every time she utters a peep, to have conditioned her to only want me, but that is not the case at all! She is so happy and smiley and easy going at home. 

    I took her home to visit my family last weekend, and the 1st day was a disaster, but by the end of the weekend she would let everyone pick her up and play with her.  She starts Day Care on Monday, and I have taken her over to the sitters 3 times in hopes to get her used to her, so hopefully we have some success.  

    I totally understand your frustration. I am super outgoing and will talk to anyone, and my husband isn't much different, so we were really hoping to have a daughter who was the same. I just want everyone else to see the same happy fun loving baby that I see every day.   

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    My daughter will stay with me, MH, and my mom and that's it! It breaks my heart because my dad, sister and brother in law love her to pieces and she won't go to any of them. If she's with me or MH, she will play and smile at them, she just won't let them hold her. I feel so bad, but I guess it's a stage. It helps to hear others are going through the same thing.
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