If you had twins and then another...

What was your experience?

 How far apart were they? How hard was it really? Anything you would have changed?

Re: If you had twins and then another...

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    Um... I don't know what you mean exactly about my experience. We weren't planning on having anymore children and we were surprised with Logan. He was a very easy pregnancy (no m/s...just mild nausea during first tri...which was GREAT since I vomited 7-10x a day while pg with the twins).

    I found out I was pg with Logan when the twins were 11 months- they are 19 months apart.

    I personally don't think it was really that hard. It was nice that the twins had each other and were already used to sharing me; that adding Logan into the mix wasn't that bad.

    I really don't think that I would have changed anything. Logan was a surprise; but a wonderful one. They are all super close. The only thing I was worried about was Logan feeling like a 3rd wheel- but in all honestly- they are all really close with each other and I don't see him as being their 3rd wheel at all. :)

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    I had twins november of 08 and went back to the RE before they were 3 months old! My youngest was born in November of 09!

     I will be honesty, adding a third is a piece of cake! They all play nicely together. I get asked a lot if they are triplets!  I am glad i had them close in age

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    Mine are born 21 months apart.  Twins from IVF, #3 was a shocker.  Pregnancy wasn't bad with #3, but the early days were hard at times - just an utter lack of sleep with a newborn and twins who were switching to toddler beds at the time (only because they kept climbing & falling out of their cribs.)  I see them now, though, and am so glad they are so close.  My youngest has no idea he's not the same age as them, and they all play and get along really well.


    My only regrets are that I feel like the twins got more rushed out of babyhood because of the new baby - I needed them to be more independent and responsible earlier than I otherwise would have.  Like they were getting a hug and being put into bed at 22 mos, but Adam is 2.5 and I still rock him before bed.  I miss that time I didn't have with them.  And, I also really miss being pregnant and having a baby, but DH is done having kids, so I won't get that chance again.  In that sense, I wish my pregnancies had been more spaced out.

    Jenni ~~Alex & Avery ~~ 6/13/06~~Adam ~~3/26/08

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