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Anyone's toddler hate being constrained to stroller?

I'm on the fence about buying a double stroller because my DD (20 mos) is already not a fan of being in the stroller. The only time she goes in it is at the end of a long day out on our feet, which doesn't happen that often (zoo, etc.). Anyone else like this, did you bother buying one?

Re: Anyone's toddler hate being constrained to stroller?

  • Look into a sit and stand.  That way she has a place to rest and can be save in places like parking lots but also can get down easily.

    We used our double only a hand full of times.  We lived in our sit and stand for a while! 

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  • DS isn't a fan of the stroller (25 months) but I still think our double is invaluable.  Sometimes he just has to deal with being constrained - we travel fairly often and the double is an absolute necessity for me to get them through the airport.  I also need it at the mall, and will use it for quick grocery/store stops when I don't need much stuff.
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  • yes, I'd look into a Joovy sitnstand.  I forked out a lot for my stroller and my toddler isn't a fan either so we don't use it often.  It's handy sometimes and she now understands that if mama's alone, I need her to sit in it to keep her safe, but I'm watching craigslist for a nice deal on a Joovy. :-)
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