one big twin and one small

What kind of a feeding schedule do you have for them? My son is 7.9 and daughter is 8.2. They both eat 4oz of formula. I am always waking the bigger twin to eat and sometimes i feel like i'm over feeding her. What do you do? I need suggestions.
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Re: one big twin and one small

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    One of my girls has always been bigger than the other.  They were born that way and it has stayed that way and they are almost one now.  I have always fed them at the same time pretty much.  At times I worried about over feeding the bigger one, but she is just bigger, she is not bigger from eating more.  Actually my little one eats more than her sister usually.   
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    There is over a pound difference between my girls (5 weeks: N-10lbs3oz, E - 9lbs1oz) and they are on the same feeding schedule.  Their pedi didn't seem concerned with their weight difference.
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    Mine are a pound different as well. Jack is 11,6 and Charlie is 10,8.  Pedi wasn't concerned either.  I feed them at the same time and make the same ounce bottles.  They average about the same amount for the day even though they may not take exactly the same amount each time.  Jack is just a bigger kid so far (big head, length, more solid), who knows it may change as they get older.
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