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How much does a doula cost?

Wondering if I should hire one, or just stick with DH being in the room as the only support. My MIL and FIL will be there with me, but I really dont want them in the room throughout the entire birth. 

If you have a doula, and you had intended on doing v-birth, what happens when your doctor says you'll have to do a C-section before you even get to the hospital?  


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Re: How much does a doula cost?

  • This will be my second birth and I'm hoping for a VBAC.  We hired a doula and I'm sooo happy with that decision.  She's already been such a support.  Her fee was $800, but the fees can really really vary.

    I wuold absolutely reccommend one, because not only can she support you, but she can really instruct your husband and help you make educated decisions based on how you feel about certain aspects of labor.

    If you end up with a c-section, I'm sure there are many things she can still prepare you for and if she's a lactation specialist, she can assist you with breastfeeding once baby arrives.  I'm not sure about the cost part, if it part would be refunded or what.




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  • Ours is $600 ($300 deposit and $300 paid during her post-partum visit a few days after the birth), and if I were to find out I'm having a c-section beforehand and I don't want her support, we wouldn't have to pay the other $300.

     However...even if I were to have a planned c/s,  I'd probably still ask for her support. She can be there to calm be before the surgery and help me with recovery and lactation afterwards. She also takes professional quality pictures, and I would still want our first few moments with our baby documented that way.

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  • Fees will vary a lot by your location, so check with for some references.

    In the event of an emergency c-section, I've found that most doulas still require to be paid. The aren't just there for the birth; they're available before going into labor and during labor, which can be long and hard, so it makes sense that you'd pay them. That can also vary by doula though, so put that on your list of questions should you decide to interview/hire one.

  • Our doula costs $750 which is typical for our area (Sacramento area of CA). We paid a $300 non-refundable deposit and will pay the last $450 after the birth.

    If we need to have a scheduled C-section we can decide if we want her there or not. At our hospital, she has been to C-sections before and says she ends up being a big support for the husband. At our hospital they allow husband and another into operating room. If it comes to that, I'll let DH decide if he wants her support or not. If we don't use her b/c of a scheduled C, we don't pay the $450.

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  • My doula is $800 - $400 in advance, and $400 after birth.  If I have to have a scheduled c-section she will still come and be with me in the operating room and help with breastfeeding and recovery, but will not charge us the additional $400.

     I had a doula for my last delivery, and I highly recommend it.

  • Ours is $700, 1/2 paid when we hired her and 1/2 near your due date. This included:

    • 2 hour visit at our house to answer all of our L&D questions when we hired her.
    • 2 hour visit at our house to go over relaxation techniques and birth prep - a few weeks before I am due.
    • Telephone support with questions
    • coming to our house when I am going into labor and staying with us there as long as possible
    • Accompanying us to the hospital and staying through labor
    • staying for about 2 hours after labor and helping w/ BF
    • a PP visit 2 weeks after birth
  • ours is $700, $500 deposit and the rest is due after the birth.  Included is a 2 hour childbirth preparation at around 35 weeks to go over different techniques, telephone and email support up to birth, coming to our house and then the commute to the hospital, support thoughout labor until our first breastfeed, a follow-up visit at our home after birth.
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  • I hooked up with a doula student through my MW for free and the extent of her care is amazing. She even offered to come over and do dishes or whatever I need after LO is born.
  • We still need to hire one, but are anticipating $400-$1k--depending on who is available and how much experience they have. I'd like a very experienced doula even if it costs more, but with an EDD at NYE/holiday time, those are also the ladies with enough business that they may choose not to work then.
  • Something my doula mentioned was if you get a c-section and afterwords they take baby off to the nursery, husband can stay with baby (to make sure hospital doesn't do anything you don't want them to or to just be there) and doula can stay with you while getting stitched back up.?

    My doula costs 650$ but had I wanted, there was a lady training who would have been my doula for free (except our personalities didn't mesh to me).?

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