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If on solids....

What is your daily meal plan like?

Re: If on solids....

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    1 tbs oatmeal mixed with bm one or two times a day. i just started mixing a tiny bit of apples into it and it's a hit!

    i'm taking it slow since i really didn't want to start until 6mo, but pedi thought i should start now. i'll probaby add another fruit or veg in a few weeks. 

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    3 tbsps of rice cereal 3x a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are starting vegetables this weekend.
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    Jar of fruit w/a little oatmeal mixed in, about lunch time (I shoot for breakfast, but with DDs schedule & DS's nap schedule, it's usually lunch time). And a stage 2 jar of veggies at dinner.
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    Breakfast bottle 7:30

    Solids - 2oz of fruit or veggie 9:30

    2nd bottle 10:30

    3rd bottle 1:30

    Solids - 2oz of veggie or fruit between 3 and 4

    4th bottle 4:30

    5th bottle 7:30

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