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UGH! So fed up w/DH! (vent, NBR)

He, of all the people on this planet should know this of me by now. If you want me to do something, ask me once and let me get to it in my own time.

He has asked me THREE times this morning to empty the dishwasher. He is lucky I didn't do what I wanted to, which was to take everything out of the DW and spread it out all over the kitchen counters. He did, after all, never say anything about the DW's contents being put away....he just wanted it emptied, right?

Anyway, I WAS feeling ambitious, prior to his sulking about the house(DH and FIL are working in the garage/workshop today) because I didn't jump on it ASAP, and his 3rd request didn't help either! I WAS going to clean the bedroom(looks like a bomb went off) and the bathroom(much, much worse off than the bedroom) and do some much-needed laundry. Heck, I might have even gotten to going through his closet(he still needs to clean it, as it will turn into part of the nursery we are building)! Not so much anymore, mister. Instead of staying at home and playing the good housewife, this chick is off  to have lunch at subway and whatever else her little heart desires.

So next time I have to ask him a thousand times to do one stupid thing, like the fore-mentioned closet, not rinsing the sink after he spits(EWW!), or the two totes of winter clothes he left sitting in the middle of our bedroom floor, I'm putting my foot down. His lazy @$$ has played Fable III every night this week while I have made something resembling dinner AND cleaned up(along with coming to the kitchen 10 minutes after I told him to come and eat)! For every thing he doesn't do that I've asked him to, he gets to do the next thing he asks of me. I think that sounds fair, right? 

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Re: UGH! So fed up w/DH! (vent, NBR)

  • Are you married to my husband?
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  • My husband works weekends but happened to get  tonight off.
    Yesterday he asked me if I wanted to go to the NASCAR races with his sister, her cheating BF, and all of their drug addict friends to drink all night. Indifferent

    Yes, DH, your first night off in 3 months and THAT'S what I want to do.

    Now he's mad that I won't offer anything to do, since I don't like his idea.


    Sound's like it's a bad day for DH's!!

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  • Please tell my husband to come back to our house!  =)
  • Yikes... I think DH could probably write this post about me! I've definitely been known to nag him to do his chores multiple times when he's not jumping to it.
  • I TRY not to nag, my mother was a nagger, and I hated it, and probably thus my aversion to doing things immediately when i am told to do them!

    I hate it too, when I ask DH to go do something with me. His response is always "well, what do you want to do?" I want you to take me somewhere and have fun together, darn it! You dragged me to this freezing cold, geezer-infested, nothing's open after Labor Day he\ hole! You've lived here before, you know what's here, surprise me! Have some imagination, you had plenty when we were dating(though he never used it to plan different or interesting dates)!

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  • My husband is soooo known for saying we need to or trying to guilt me into doing projects around the house.

    I am tired, what does he not get? Growing a child SUCKS the life right out of you!!! Plus I have his 6 year old daughter to cook/clean/homework with/for!!!

    Maybe if he didnt play call of duty, and helped more around the house everything would already be done.

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