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Virginia Beach ladies!

Hello Mommas! I just realized there are boards for your state, and saw a few post from VB moms, so I thought I would say hello! I am due in 4 weeks, and so excited to meet new moms in the area, as most of my friends do not have kids yet! I hope everyone is having a great night!
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Re: Virginia Beach ladies!

  • Hi! I am a local VB mom as well! Just recently had my little one almost 2 months ago. Congrats on your little girl! I love the name.
    I'm the same way, many of my friends do not have baby's yet, plus I am still relatively new to the area. Hope to talk with you more soon! :)
  • Hi i live in VB (Lived here my whole life) and i am a new mom too! Elizabeth is now 3 months! I am a new SAHM and learning to adjust! Congrats on your baby to be and congrats on your two month old! Hope to talk with yall soon!
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