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tell me more about the amber beads

How does the necklace/bracelet work?  Do they bite or suck on it, or just wear it?  In a post below someone mentioned wearing it as an anklet, so I guess they don't actually bite it?

Has anyone used it?  Does it help? 

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Re: tell me more about the amber beads

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    I think they just wear it.  I personally don't believe it works, but I know someone who swears by it.
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    I see the necklace to be more of a hazard...and I am not convinced it will's a site with some infor..

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    We love ours! DD wears a necklace from Each bead is individually knotted off so it's not a choking hazard and she doesn't wear it at night. I have noticed she's less depserate to gnaw on everything (she's already teething, I can see her teeth coming up)

    I always hear people saying that they aren't sure if it works or not. My mother ordered one about a month ago. She used to get chronic migraines to the point of vomiting and being unable to function. Even prescription pain killers did nothing. Since wearing the necklace she's gotten 2 in a month (it used to happen at least twice a week) and one dose of tylenol got rid of both of them.

    I'm a believer! And even if it doesn't do anything, it's not hurting anything that's for sure!

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