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My Boss

My boss isn't exactly wild that I'm quitting my job to be a SAHM and has tried to do everything possible to get me to stay.  So every time he has to say something about my pregnancy he refers to it as my "situation" and he always says "situation" in an awkward voice.  It cracks me up!  He is a dad and knows all about pregnancy so I know it is just a reflection of his discomfort by my leaving.

Today's gem:  "We want to have a farewell lunch for you but I don't know what we will serve based on your <awkward pause> situation."

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Re: My Boss

  • I don't know why but I kind of find it offensive he refers to you that way.
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  • sounds to me like he may not have been too involved in his wifes pregnancy and doesn't know how to talk to you about yours.  Thats really sweet that he knows food can be an issue.  I would be totally honest about what you can and can't handle.  My boss did the party a couple weeks after the baby was born so that food wouldn't be an issue.  My first pregnancy I couldn't keep any food down through the whole 9 months.  This one I'm doing much better.  Is food a difficult part of this pregnancy for you?  I wish you the best time at work while your pregnant.  Enjoy the count down to your last day working as a way to brush off the negative moments.  I know I had more fun my last few months, knowing it was coming to an end so I could be mommy.
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  • LOL he sounds like Michael from the Office
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