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Where to sell jewelry?

H and I each want new rings but don't know where to sell ours to get a decent price?  I'm not wild about Craigslist, I'd rather go through an actual jeweler or something.  Any advice would be great thanks.
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Re: Where to sell jewelry?

  • Could you go to the jeweler where you bought your rings and ask to trade up and pay the difference? I'm not sure if this is typical practice or not, but DH did that with my engagement ring at Zales.
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  • You can visit 5th Avenue and try Fabrikant Fine Diamonds Inc for selling your diamond engagement ring. They are diamond buyers who takes into consideartion factors such as craftsmanship, aesthetics value and market desirability of diamonds. Hope you get good deal there.
  • I agree when you say that you don't want to sell your rings through craigslist. I thought about it but ended up finding FabOn5th.com. I sent my jewelry in and they were very helpful with arranging to ship it to them. This is from their site and will probably help you: http://www.fabon5th.com/secure-nationwide-shipping.html
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