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Accelerated Head Growth

I really shouldn't search the internet,....

DD has had accelerated head growth from around 2 months (the rest of her measurements, weight and height are not accelerated):

2-months:  26% Percentile for Head Circumference

4-months:  41% Percentile

5-months:  59% Percentile

5 1/2 months:  72% Percentile

The reason she had a measurement at 5 1/2 months is that the doctor wanted to watch it closely.  Well, it's jumped again at 5 1/2 months so now we are referred to a specialist to do a head ultrasound.

The Dr. only mentioned that it could just be her natural bone structure, which she does have a farily large forehead, or that maybe it was fluid build-up in her head, but what she failed to mention, is that accelerated head growth is actually closely related to autism. 

It is not a symptom of autism currently, but very recent studies (2008 to present) have shown that children currently diagnosed with autism, had accelerated head growth just like my DD's when they looked back at medical history in infancy.  Any of these studies can be found searching the web for, "Accelerated head growth in infants".

Now I am SERIOUSLY freaking out, and I'm worried, terrified, you name it.  I don't want that for my daughther.  I don't know how long it will take to get an ultrasound, we're supposed to wait for a call to schedule, so how am I supposed to keep my mind off the worst case scenarios?!

Anyone else have this same experience with their LOs head growth?

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Re: Accelerated Head Growth

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    Unfortunately, I doubt anything will keep you from worrying until you hear it from the specialist himself that everything is fine.  But I can tell you that my friend just went through the exact same thing with her DD and everything turned out perfect.  Her head is just on the big side.  She is developing fine and everything looked great!  So I wouldn't worry!!!  I'm sure everything will be okay!  And you can't dwell on what if's, you have to focus on the happy healthy baby you have in front of you!

    Good luck and let us know how the u/s turns out!

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