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Coloring my hair tonight!

After many, many months of not coloring and having horrible roots, I am coloring my hair tonight. I just do the 10 minute at home color. The less time it is on my head the less bad I feel about it. I was going to wait another week, but our anniversary is tomorrow and we are going out for dinner and I just didn't want to go with this bad hair.

Re: Coloring my hair tonight!

  • Do it! I am going to do mine any day now. I really don't know what I'm waiting for. Especially because I think it's 100% ok to do while you are pregnant. It doesn't matter how long the color is on your head. It really doesn't get into your skin very much.

    I hope it turns out well!

  • Thanks! I did it about 3 times while I was pregnant with DD and was so glad after every time I did it.
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  • yay, what color?
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  • Woohoo! I colored my hair about two weeks ago after seeing how red it was in our wedding pictures.


    What color are you going for?

  • I am getting a cut and color this weekend with my stylist! I can't wait, it's been way too long!!!

    I have tried the box 10 minute stuff on my hair and it just doesn't seem to hold the color as long. 

    What color are you going to do??

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  • Do it! I think we all worry this early out, but you will feel so much better once your hair is looking nice. A happy momma is a happy baby! :)
  • It's the greatest feeling in the world once you do something such as color your hair!  It just makes you feel better all over!  Mine gets done next weekend.  DH and I have to attend his Holiday party in 2 weeks and I would like my hair to look fresh for the party.  Which reminds me... I get to play sober cab this holiday season.  It's a bummer at the time, but is worth it for the end result.  A baby Yes
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  • Congrats on your anniversary. How many years are you celebrating? Ours is tomorrow, too! 6 years for us! :)


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  • Wahoo!  Do it and feel beautiful!  Congrats on the anniversary, have fun!

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  • Yay I am so glad you posted this - I was feeling guilty since I am only 11 1/2 weeks -but I will be traveling next week - and just need to get it done !!!!

    I needed to get it done before I found out - so I am in bad shape at this point. Thanks for re-assuring that it is safe!


  • imagedee&bee:

    Thanks for re-assuring that it is safe!


    What to keep in mind is to do it in a well ventilated area! I did mine a few weeks ago and just made sure I didn't inhale the chemicles too bad, because that is really what makes it unsafe... You shouldn't be scrubbing bleach in the bathtub, and you shouldn't do your hair in a small bathroom without any air flow~ I think it's the same principle! Smile

    Enjoy it, because with our new "frumpy" feeling, it is a nice change to feel Hot!

  • I am going back to my usual light blonde. I have very light brown/non-descript hair. I just look better all around with more lightness around my face.
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