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Natural Childbirth at either Liberty or North Kansas City Hospital

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience having a natural childbirth at either Liberty or North KC Hospital. I'd like to have as little intervention as possible, and I'm trying to find out which will be more likely to follow a birth plan, and be supportive of a natural birth. Is an IV always necessary, or will they let you do a Hep Lock?


Re: Natural Childbirth at either Liberty or North Kansas City Hospital

  • I delivered at NKC Hospital, and in my experience they're not very supportive of natural labor/childbirth. I was induced and opted for an epidural, but they wouldn't let me leave my bed to walk around, bounce on a birthing ball, anything. I HAD to stay in bed with the monitors on the whole time.
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  • Northland hospitals are not as pro natural as they could be. There are not any midwives or doulas in this area. That being said, Liberty has a great birthing center with a very relaxed atmosphere. It is the best hospital around here in my own opinion. My friend just had an all natural birth there but she was over a week late. With her third child and they had to induce. Her labor was very quick so there wasn't much relaxing or breathing to do If you are going to deliver in either of those hospitals, I recommend touring both hospitals and talking to staff about what you would like.
  • Have you looked into giving birth at Research Medical?  They have midwives so you can do a natural birth, but you are still in a hospital if something happens where you need doctor interventions.  I have two friends that gave birth with them last year and they said they were great.  I am going to them now and they have been very supportive.  Here is the link:

  • We know how overwhelming this time can be for moms. But we want to help! While I know we might be a little biased, we think the facts speak for themselves.

    First, a natural childbirth is up to you and your doctor. We honor that decision unless something occurs that is of concern and we will discuss with you. As always the safety of you and your baby comes first. We have nurses who are trained in giving comfort measures and we do not require epidurals or meds - it's mom's choice.

    We have the Northland's only Level III NICU with a special partnership with Children's neonatologists and nurse practitioners who are on-site and actively involved if needed. We have a beautifully, newly renovated Maternal Child Health unit with high level security. We have Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Petals, a boutique for nursing moms right on the floor. I could go on and on...I invite you to take a look at our website Also, if you are interested, take a look at the birthing classes we offer. In addition, you can schedule a tour of the area, for free, regardless of where you decide to give birth, call 816-691-5179. We think you'll like it! Oh, and you'll start seeing our billboards and new TV commercials of our "happy babies" soon!

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