HELP! Transitioning from breast to bottle

I go back to work the Monday after next, and I'm having some issues.

I have been breastfeeding. In order to prep for the pumping and bottle feeding that I know will go on when I  return to work, I have been pumping and bottle feeding for some of the daytime feedings. I've been doing this since last Thursday. I feel like I need to start getting them used to it, and also I need to be able to give the nanny instruction and guidance about how much they take, how often to bottle feed, etc.

It's not going well. I get about half the amount that I need out of the pump. Plus, they don't eat very well out of the bottles during the day (despite the fact that we've been successfully giving them expressed milk in bottles once a night since they were born). And yet, now that I've started trying to feed them a few bottles per day, all of the breastfeeds are distracted and difficult. It's like they now want neither bottles nor breast.

Because of all this, their nighttime sleep has been crap. They're back to waking twice a night. I'm sure it's because they aren't getting enough calories during the day. 

Ideas? HELP. This sucks, and it's certainly not helping me with the fact that I already didn't want to go back to work. Ugh.

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