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Whats your LO's food schedule?

We do  1/4 cup of rice cereal and a fruit for breakfast and then 1/4 cup oatmeal and a veggie for dinner...we were doing lunch ( 3 oz of food) but I cut it back out because he wasn't drinking enough milk...(he was only taking in like 16 oz and now he is back to his normal 26 oz.....

what about your LO's?

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Re: Whats your LO's food schedule?

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    We're currently doing 2 meals of rice and veggies at lunch (11:30-noon-ish) and dinner, followed by a 4 or 5 oz. bottle. He still has 4- 7 oz bottles--early morning, morning, mid-afternoon and night). We most likely will be adding breakfast this weekend.
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    7am - 6oz bottle

    10am - 4-6oz bottle

    10am-12pm nap

    12pm - LUNCH gerber stage one fruit (pear, banana or apple) and a 4 oz bottle

    2pm - 3oz bottle

    2pm-4pm nap

    5pm - DINNER gerber stage one veggie (squash, sweet potato, carrot)

    8pm- 3-4oz bottle and out for the count

    sometimes he wakes for a 1am or 3am bottle but it's rare

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    We're on day four of rice cereal, so he gets only a tablespoon or so of that in the mornings. We're going to introduce our first veggie this weekend and ditch the icky rice cereal for oatmeal soon after.
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