Triplet Moms: Newborn Stroller question

I'm planning to get a Valco w/ Joey for my kiddos, but that really doesn't work for three newborns.  What did you use to transport your 3 until they were old enough for a regular stroller?  I don't know how often well make it out of the house, but there will be doctor's appointments and such.

At what age were you able to use the regular stroller?


Re: Triplet Moms: Newborn Stroller question

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    I had the Graco snugride car seats. So we decided to go with a double and a single stroller. Not sure if this works for you because then you always have to have someone with you when you go out. But honestly, when they were very young I rarely went out with all three of them - but that's just me :) You could also get a double stroller and wear one.

    I got the Graco Quattro Tour and  Duo Quattro Tour. I did this because the car seats snap into them and then once the babies are out of the car seats you can use the strollers up to like 50lbs. Having triplets is expensive so we didn't want to have to buy more strollers once they got older. (That's why we didn't go with the DSNG)  I also got the Runabout - which I love - but is better for once the kids are older, but I use it all the time now.

    HTH!!! Happy shopping! :)

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    Will you be alone? If so, then I'd look for a used Triple Decker. (You can use it with Graco infant seats.) If you'll have help, then I'd just get a single and a double snap n go.

    We were able to use regular strollers at about 5-6 months old. But I'm not sure how old they need to be to use the joey seat on the Valco. Seems like older. Hmm.

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    We have the double snap & go and then the single Graco Snug Ride.  Granted,  you can't go anywhere alone but then again you probably don't want to do that when they're newborns.

     I bought our DSNG on CL for $40

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    a child can't sit in the joey seat until they can sit well on their own... i'd say around 8mo before i'd put a child into that seat.

    you probably could put 2 babies into the regular seats though- when they are really small... not for long, but a while - i know my 2 fit into one seat together for a month or so.

    can you do the push and pull with a single/double SNG? (asking the triplet moms here)... i have never seen it- but for a doc visit i imagine it's possible? maybe? lol.  I'd just find someone to go with me- lol.

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