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Induction, 30 hrs of labor, emergency c-sec, 17 days in NICU....our Precious Baby

Anthony Joseph born Oct 14 @ 12:40am - 7 lbs 3 z- 20 1/2 in

I was due Oct 8, had my membranes stripped on Monday the 11th, lost my mucus plug on Tuesday the 12th - the same day that my induction was scheduled for. I was 40 weeks and 4 days when I went in for induction and I had been mildly contracting on my own all day then at 6pm they inserted cervadil which was in for 12 hours. Contractions were really really strong all night long. the nurse told me I wasnt having contractions that I was only having gas (they wouldnt pick up on the monitor when I layed on my side which is the only thing that helped me). I begged for pain med but I had to  prove I was having regular contractions so I had to lay on my back to prove I was having them and then she saw that they were literally off the charts!  She finally gave me Phengran (something like that). It lasted  about an hour and a half but that was bettter than nothing. At 6am they took out the cervadil, gave me and enema (not fun at all) and then started the pitocin at 7am. I wanted and epi so bad all night and then finally at 9am I got one (ah, relief). I was 2-3 centimeters when I got the epi. I layed there all day dialating slowly and about 9 or 10pm I began having really strong pressure down there but not really an urge to push, just a horrible pain/pressure. At 11:30pm I was finally a 9 1/2 and they let me start pushing. My baby went into distress and I had to have and emergency c-section after 30hours of labor! They cut me open, took out the baby, I heard "its a boy" and then nothing. No crying, nothing. I asked "is he ok" and no one would answer me. My fiance rushed over to where our baby was and they shot me up with a dose of valuum and that is all I remember until I was in the recovery room and my fiance came in there and told me our baby had some complications and wasnt breathing at birth and inhaled tons or meconium and then he went back upstairs to the NICU with our baby. I layed there for three hours and begged someone to tell me if my baby was ok. No one would answer me. I finally was crying hysterically and wouldnt stop and demanded someone to tell me what happend. I said "I had a baby three hours ago and I dont even know if he is ok, I dont know what time he was born, how much he weighed, nothing" I honeslty thought that my baby might not have made it. I was a wreck. Finally I was able to go to my hsopital room and they explained to me that he went without oxygen for at least one min after birth, inhaled meconium and tested pos for GBS (which I was negative). He spent 17 days in the NICU, had a chest tube, was on a cooling system for 3 days(that slowed the brain function to help prevent brain damage) had an EEG for three days, two spinal taps (no luck with either), MRI,  antibiotics for 14 days, was on the bubble CPAP, had pnemonia, feeding tube. They are worried that he could have brain damage and developmental delays but the EEG and the MRI came back normal (A MIRACLE)!!! I waited 17 hours to see him, 5 days to hold him and over a week to feed him. He just came home Saturday and we are so happy to have him home! He is our little miracle. He is so strong and such a fighter and by looking at him you would never ever know that he had any problems at all. He is only two and a half weeks old but so far he is developing right on track. I truly believe he will be just fine. He is amazing! We watched him lay there with all those wires and tubes for alll that time and now I am watching him lay here with his cute little jammies and sleeping and smiling in his sleep. We are staying 100% positive and I know he wil be just fine!

Thinking about what he went through makes it really hard to complain about the small stuff. We are more fortunate than we know and we couldnt be more thankful!

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