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Upstate Prenatal Yoga/Pilates

I'm looking for a good prenatal yoga or pilates class.  Does anyone know of something available in Greenville or Anderson?
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Re: Upstate Prenatal Yoga/Pilates

  • 90 Degrees Yoga has a prenatal class in a non-heated room.
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  • orezzoli: Where is 90 degrees Yoga? I live in Oconee Co.
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  • It is in Greenville. I don't know any in Oconee...sorry.Confused
  • I found one in Clemson but I gotta wait for the first of the year. Thanks Smile
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  • I tried to find a pilates/yoga class for me to go to in order to do it for pre and post term. I honestly found none of them up to my standards of what i was looking for. You had a high price per class and yearly expense. If the classes were full and you got there last you were S.O.L. You had to bring all your own equipment and i felt extremely uncomfortable walking around on a carpet where 100 other people walked during the day while I was barefoot. Not to mention that but it was people 4 months, and people 8 months and there was no help from anyone telling me what position was best for MY trimester.


    MY BEST ADVICE! Get a pregnancy yoga kit yourself. I got mine for $30 on It is pre and post natal,  goes per trimester and shows you the best positions and stretches and relaxation modes. I could do it as often as I wanted to for as long as I wanted to in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I could put on relaxing music, or jam out to some punk rock. I loved the experience and I honestly think that me doing it at home helped me better connect to my baby rather than sitting there in a room full of people worried if I was doing it right. ALSO it was post natal, so when my little baby DOES get here I can enjoy spending time with them and relax with them.


    Please know that you should always check with your physician before persuing. 

  • Greenville Yoga has some great "Yoga for Women's Health" classes. Usually over 50% of the women in there are pregnant. Classes are only $10 apiece (or $5 for teachers). Definitely worth checking out!
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