15 months and they wont quit fighting over who gets to sit in the bouncer!!

they didnt care at all about that chair up until a few weeks ago.


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Re: Really?!

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    I have/registered for 2 exersaucers to avoid them fussing over 1.  Everyone told me not to get 2.  Now I'm glad I have both.

    don't mean to sound clueless.... is a bouncer like a jumping seat?

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    lol - mine are the exact same way and the exact same age. They fight over toys and anything all day long. We have this set of small books in a box - there are literally 26 of them - one for each letter, and today they had an all out battle over ONE book while the remaining 25 lay all over the floor right at their feet. The other day it was over a crumpled up post-it.

    Please let this pass quickly!

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    I know!  WTH is going on with these kids?  Mine are playing nice, laughing hysterically one minute, and fighting over everything/anything the next. 

    Like pp said, please let this pass.   

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