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It's still here

my m/s.  really?    I mean, in the beginning, I embraced it because of the mental reassurance that it gave me.  Now, I am getting a bit cranky. I drink G2 Gatorade like it's a part time job and then pee all day. 

I am excited for my NT Scan on Thursday and will happily be done with m/s after that. ok, thanks.

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Re: It's still here

  • DONT SAY THAT!!! I am really hoping mine will be gone by 12 weeks. This all day nausea not wanting to eat anything sucks. I better feel up to eating by thanksgiving dammmit! 

    GL with the NT scan! 

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  • I have the same thoughts.  At first I was happy but I have to agree that I'm starting to get cranky about it too, and I'm a week behind you.  I'm super cranky when I'm at work because I'm feeling so sick I just want to be at home where I can lay on the couch and not have to move.   Instead I'm stuck at work with people bothering me and I want to be left alone so I can deal with trying not to gag or throw up. 

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  • I'm sorry you are still dealing with m/s.  I have been so miserable this pregnancy, I can't get anything done without feeling like I'm going to be sick.  I had on and off nausea with both my girls, but this is bad. 


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  • Mine is still here too.  In fact it has actually gotten worse over the past week or so. 

  • I don't have the normal nausea anymore... but NOTHING sounds good to eat. If I don't eat because of it, then I feel the m/s worse. If I DO eat something, then like 15-20 min after I'm STARVING like I never ate anything to begin with. 

    I don't believe anyone who says that it gets better at 12 weeks because for me, it hasn't... it just changed.

  • I'm entering week (13) tomorrow and it has gotten significantly better over the past week. My doctor said I can expect to have off & on days until about week (16). But trust me ladies - It gets MUCH better week (12).
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  • Mine didn't get better until after 14 weeks last time.  Hang in there!
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  • I didn't get sick all week and then saturday and late last night I was sick. DH was like "I thought you were past all this?" My response was, "Apparently not!" Didn't mean to be snappy but I had just finished vomiting at 1230 am so you can understand where I am coming from. 
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