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Due to my OCD I have thought about this a lot and have actually worried over this. So instead of driving myself crazy for 2 more days debating I thought I would get your opinions. Most of you know I have had a very closely watched pregnancy. Every 4 weeks I get a growth scan to check on the IUGR and every other week we just measure Fluid levels for the TTTS.  Every other wednesday I go to my ultrasound, meet with the MFM, and then head downstairs to the OB/GYN's office.  This week is a crucial growth scan and pretty much every time I have gone to the dr the past few times I have been completely been prepared to either be on complete bed rest or be admitted to the hospital. I have just had so many little bumps in the road and feel like that I am being watched so closely that I am scared to see the other dr's in the practice. My OB/Gyn who has been awesome supporting us through all the bumps is out of the office and so the girls in the scheduling department said that I should go ahead and start to see the other dr's in the practice.  It didnt bother me at first because I had just finished my glucose test and I was starving but the more I thought about it, I am really fragile and only want to see my ob/gyn.  We have been told we are just trying to get to 32 weeks and if we dont then my ob/gyn cannot deliver us and we will have to deliver at a different hospital and none of them will deliver me anyway. If I do make it past 32 weeks then we will be so closely monitered that it will be planned and my ob/gyn will be doing the c-section with our mfm. So, am I allowed or do you think it would be okay to request just to be seen by our ob/gyn or am I just being over sensitive?
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Re: WWYD? Dr Appt Question

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    I don't have any experience with TTTS, but I would think that at this point, it's very important to NOT miss a doctor appointment, even if it isn't with your regular OB.  I think it's important to stick with the scheduling, just to be on the safe side (correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that TTTS can come on very quickly?).

    I also don't understand your one comment about if you don't make it to 32 weeks - are you saying that nobody will deliver you if you go into labor, or nobody at your particular practice?  Sorry for my confusion.

    I totally understand wanting to see your regular OB - I felt the same way during my pregnancy, but there were some visits that I had to see someone else (the first time I was admitted to the hospital for a week, he happened to be out of town, so I never saw him) - you just have to trust that there is good communication within the practice.

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    Sweetie, I wouldnt worry too much about it. I was told something similar. I went to a practice with different OB/GYN's and i never saw the same one twice. I ended up being delivered by c-sec. by a doctor i didnt even know, had never met before, and it was the day before my schedualed c-sec. my water broke the day before my schedualed surgery. I have twins, a boy and a girl, and i made it to 38 weeks. I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks, and i was admitted and put on bedrest. i left 4 days later, still on bedrest and only able to take quick showers and go to the bathroom. I did more than that like i wasnt sopposed to but it didnt seem to affect me in any way. Strict bedrest is hard. but anyway


    I would trust what ever happens. Don't stress. The doctors do c-sec's a lot. they are experts at it for a reason. go in with your head held high and the confidence and trust in the doctors and all should go fine. If u stress too much about it it's just going to make it worse in the long run, and the more stress u put urself under, the sooner those babies are gonna come, and you DONT want that. so relax, take long baths,  get those aroma therapys working, have your H give you a nice backmassage and foot rub. tell him to start at your calfs and work his way down to your toes. That relaxes the whole body and is sopposed to send endorphins for relaxation throughout your whole body. if u have a foot bath use that while you put a warm towel around your shoulders. find your "happy place" everything will be okay :)Your doctor im sure took good notes on every visit, and any other doc that see's you will read them thouroughly before coming in to examine you, and they will know how fragile you have been. They tend to take expert care of those having multiples. We get the star treatment because we have more than just 1 life to bring into this world :)

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    I'm going to make some assumptions here...

    I'm guessing that if you are saying that if you deliver at pre-32 weeks then you need a hospital with a specialized NICU and in that case, your OB doesn't have privileges or permission to deliver or oversee delivery at that hospital. 

    If that is the case and it were me, cause I'm an over planner, I would keep my regular appointment with my OBGYN but also schedule at least one appointment as a meet and greet with an OBGYN that is part of the group that is allowed to practice at the specialized hospital.

    That way, if you don't get to go with your first choice, you aren't taken out of left field by meeting your OB on the day of delivery. This also allows you time to talk to the reception staff and find an alternative (or as I like to call them... a back up) doctor that best suits your needs instead of having one thrown at you.

     Also, research having preemies and surviving the NICU. Some people have good experiences with the NICU but honestly, I was a rushed C-section and no one prepared me for what I was about to face. Get books on it just in case. Your local twins club might have one in their library that you can borrow.  

    I had some really bad nurses who limited me to seeing the kids 2x a day and when I complained to my doctor about it, their response was, "Oh we thought it was weird that she didn't want to see her kids more often." I blew a gasket. It is already hard enough to be in a vulnerable situation but to have lazy nurses turn things around on you when they got called out. Sorry to rant. I wish I had been armed with a book or something to tell me what is a normal experience versus what is not. 

    My kids were born at 33 weeks and we spent 2.5 weeks in the NICU, which in retrospect wasn't that long. However, I wasn't prepared for the experience that comes with having the kids there. Don't get blind sided. Plan for it so that you can have the best experience that you can. 

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    thanks ladies! I am such an over planner and it has been really hard being pregnant with these little complications along the way but I have little to no control and I honestly can only plan a week ahead at a time. Also my obgyn has been great at telling me things not to scare me but for me to process them so I dont flip out. She said that pregnancy is a lot of mental planning and preparing.  Thanks for the advice ladies and sorry I am crazy and hormonal!
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