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AR & Amoxicillon

DD has been on amoxicillon for an ear infection and the last few days she's had lots of clear spit up with a little bit of curdled milk. The spit up smells terrible and sometimes has orange chunky things in it (gross, I know!) I'm wondering if the amoxicillon is either upsetting her stomach or if it's canceling out her AR meds. Anyone else have the same experience?
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Re: AR & Amoxicillon

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    DS was on Amoxicillon for 7 days last month, and I do remember him having some clear, mucousy spit up. He didn't seem to be spitting up more than his normal (which is a lot, even with Prevacid), but we were also giving him probiotics to counteract the effects of the antibiotics in killing off good bacteria and hurting his tummy. We got some infant tablets at Whole Foods and followed the directions for infants (most contain dairy or soy, so read the labels carefully if your LO has a milk/soy protein intolerance - we could only find one that was dairy and soy free).
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