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AW: First solid food!

K has been showing lots of cues that she's ready to try solid foods lately, so we went for it tonight.  Her tongue thrust is gone, she's been very interested in everything we eat [you can't eat while holding her anymore, as she's so quick to grab your food and stick it in her mouth] and she's sitting up supported.

We tried avocado - I won't say she loved it, but she kept grabbing more to stuff in her mouth while wearing a very quizzical expression.  We decided to skip the cereals for now since we started supplementing with formula last week and I don't want to cause any constipation if I can avoid it...

Now I just have to figure out some way to determine if any of it actually went in her vs. how much was just spread all over her face and hands Huh?

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Re: AW: First solid food!

  • Fun!  Another thing to look forward to.  :)

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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  • That is awesome!  Was she feeding herself?
  • We fed her first, then she grabbed the spoon and put it in her mouth herself a few times.  I'd like to tell myself she was feeding herself...but she probably just wanted to gnaw on the spoon. 
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  • You will know if any went in during the next BM ;)

    Laurel loved steamed broccoli as a first food.  Easy to grab and chew off tiny bits that she wouldn't choke on.  Steam it for a few minutes, put it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool down, and you're good to go!

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    You will know if any went in during the next BM ;)

    Haha, this! We LOVED carrots...and applesauce (and still do). You can alternate pureed prunes (yum) with applesauce or pureed bananas to avoid constipation. Have fun!

  • Fun! We mixed breastmilk with avocado and Max really liked it (DH called it "Breastamole"). Sweet potato was also a big hit here and of all things, spinach. I would steam it and run it through the food mill, and he just loved it.
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    DH called it "Breastamole"

    Breastamole is the funniest thing ever!

    Max LOVED sweet potatoes and yams. He still does. He also loved carrots, squash, broccoli, prunes, applesauce, and pureed plums.

    We still have pureed prunes on hand for constipation issues.

    The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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  • Breastamole is awesome.  I think we'll add that to the menu tonight, just so I can tell her about it when she's a teenager.  Buwuhahaha!
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  • Yay! That is so exciting. You know, I have never tried to give DS avacado. I might have to try it. He loves his veggies with the exception of carrots. =/

    Good luck! I think your DD will love feeding herself and trying new foods. =D 

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