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BBT thermometer - will a regular one work.

Hi all,

I have decided to try charting my temps to help with knowing when my ovulation is.  I bought a regular thermometer and already I am having wildly varying temps.  Do you have to buy a BBT for it to be correct for charting purposes?


Re: BBT thermometer - will a regular one work.

  • The BBT will give you your temp to the hundredth degree rather than a regular BBT will only give to the tenth. Its helpful to have the extra info to be accurate on your chart. For example, when your temps shift when you Ovulate, most charts will show a .04 rise (at least, but some less, around .02.) Without that extra decimal point, it wont show the shift. But if your regular thermometer has it to the hundreth, then you are covered.

    Gee that was a long, rambling answer but hope it helped.


  • I always used a regular digital thermometer and it worked fine.  Although, if you are going to buy a new one I would try to buy a BBT thermometer.
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  • I have used both but the BBT is more accurate.
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