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Yay! I DO ovulate! Party!!!

Looks like I'll be moving on from waiting to O to the 2WW... now if my body will only give me a full 2 weeks to wait I would be thrilled, vs. the 7 days I'm expecting based on my recent 22 day cycles.

Hoping for a long cycle so I can have a BFP instead of realizing I have a luteal phase defect... fingers crossed! 

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  • Good luck!
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  • Awesome! GL!!

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  • Happy humping!

    Dx: DH - Azoo, Me - Mild PCOS
    DH - sperm found! Seems to produce only for a few days every 70 days!
    Over 1 million in cryo in 15 vials over 6 samples
    IVF #1 - 1 beautiful expanded blast transferred, 4 snowbabies - beta #1 11/30/11 = BFFN
    FET #1, transfered 2 embies 2/16/12 = BFFN; 1 snowbaby left in cryo
    IVF #2 + CGH = 4 genetically normal embies on ice. FET September 26th
    SAIF/PAIF always welcome

    a special GL and prayers to my IF sister Gregermis

    check out my blog!

  • Good luck!!!
  • Yay for ovulating!  Happy humping to you!
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