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If your DH had a sperm analysis, how did you go about making an appt? Do you go through your DH's regular doctor? Can you get the test done at Quest Diagnostics? Also, is it covered if you have been trying for less than a year? (7 months for us).

Any information on SA will help, thanks!

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  • Our RE ordered it though I do know some general doctors, OB/Gyns, and urologists order them too.  Just call up and ask.  They might want you to go in for a consult first.  Whether or not your insurance covers it is highly variable; call the insurance company to find out.
  • My OB ordered it for MH. He is going to the Center for Reproductive Medicine which is right across the street from my OB. Not sure if Quest does it or not. Insurance varies - so you might want to call yours first to find out. GL!

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  • Our RE ordered it.  It was $125 out of pocket for us bc infertility isn't covered at all, even diagnostic.


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  • My Ob ordered it for him...our insurance did cover it.
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  • At my infertility appointment my GYN ordered it for DH. And yes, we'd been trying for over a year by then. 

    You call the lab and make an appointment, and bring the dr orders with you.  

  • My OBGYN referred DH to a urologist, who in turn ordered the SA. We started testing before it was a year, but we are over 35. Insurance didn't cover it all, but they wouldn't have regardless of timing.
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  • image Mel2000go:

    If your DH had a sperm analysis, how did you go about making an appt?

    Well, at first I misunderstood and he made an appt with his PCP, who gave him the script after hearing that our RE required it. Then the RE clarified that he was to do the sample with them, so they just had us make an appt to drop it off. But there was still some screw up b/c we ended up paying OOP for it -$150. This time around it was covered by insurance. 

    Do you go through your DH's regular doctor?  

    You can. See above. 

    Can you get the test done at Quest Diagnostics?

    Yes. There is an option when you go online to make appts at their website. Not sure if they do it at every lab.

    Also, is it covered if you have been trying for less than a year? (7 months for us).

    You need to check your insurance for this. If you have coverage, it will probably not kick in until after a year, or 6 mos if you're over 35, or unless you have an IF diagnosis (we got testing and treatment covered after 8 mos or so b/c of a PCOS/anovulation diagnosis). You may not have coverage at all, though, so then it wouldn't really matter if you wait a year or not.  

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  • I had a dildo cam visit b/c I was having unusual pain from running and and unusually painful period. After they discovered I had a cyst that had reptured, which had caused the pain and, did a ton of bloodwork and that all came back ok they said the next step was having SA (this was month 9 of trying). They gave me a number and said to just call and set up the appt. I did a little research myself into the SA Dr. and thank goodness I did b/c my Dr's office said I didn't need anything for DH to take with him. I would have been pissed b/c the SA Dr. requires a letter saying my Dr. ordered this test. It took DH long enough to get up the  courage to actually go do the test. If he had gotten there and then was told he would have to come back again I don't know if he would have done it. So make sure to get a letter from your Dr. Also I called the next day even though they said it would take a few days to get the results and they gave me the good news. Our insurance did not cover it so we payed out of pocket, but it wasn't too expensive.  
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  • My DH went to his regular doctor, explained the situation to him and the doctor gave him a referral to get a SA done. We had been trying for 8 months at that point and our insurance is covering it, but we're under Army insurance so it can be very different from other insurance coverage.
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