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So preoccupied! venting:

I am currently obsessed during my 2ww. I finally got CH from FF today and then...a couple of hours ago went to the bathroom and have a very small amount of pink spotting.

Put a pad in to see if I was accumulating a measurable amount of blood and there has been nothing!

I am 8 DPO and going mad! Posted on 1st tri to see if anyone had a similar experience but they say and they're right.  Its just spotting until I get AF or BFP.

AHHHHH! Thanks for reading! 

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Re: So preoccupied! venting:

  • I am in the same situation. sucks.
    b/w=FSH 15.6, AMH 0.4 surprise natural BFP on 3/12/11
    DS born via unplanned C-section at 40w6d


  • Sorry this is so distracting for you. I had some spotting my first cycle and I got really pumped thinking it was implantation bleeding. Turned out it was O spotting. Don't psych yourself out thinking it's implantation bleeding. It's rare and you can only know that's what it was in hindsight. I know it's easier said than done! Good luck!
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  • Thanks ladies!  Yeah I know it could be any number of things so trying not to get ideas in my head. But like you said easier said than done.  Of course it had to happen tonight.  Sundays I dont work but DH does so its just me and my thoughts all day!

    Tomorrow back to work.  Actually excited to go so I can focus my energy somewhere else.  Doing laundry and cleaning weren't much of a distraction today. 

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