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What to pack for daycare?

I think I've been in denial, so didn't think to call the center on Friday for advice. These are the things I know I should bring, but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!

  • Sheets for the crib
  • Milk (they only serve 2%; DD drinks whole)
  • Extra outfit
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Sippy cups (do you send multiple cups, one for milk, one for water? I'm confused what to do about that. Also, do you label them?)

Re: What to pack for daycare?

  • I just took one sippy cup and they run through the sanitizer after each use, but just in case you may want to drop off two. I typically pack DD's food, but you might want to send a snack or a bit of food from home since it's his first day. Not sure if he's a picky eater, but just in case he doesn't like something on the menu. Also, I'm not sure if blanket is included with your crib sheets, but I sent a blanket with DD and also a lovey if your LO has one.


  • I'd label the sippys (two wouldn't hurt) and also bring more than one change of clothes.  I have several changes for both my girls at daycare/preschool.  It's not always about a diaper leaking, sometimes they need to change if they get covered in food, something spills on them, they get dirty or they get too hot or too cold.  I think a blankie is a good idea too.

    Good luck!!!!!!  You'll do fine!

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  • I hope L has a good first day!
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  • image QueSrah:
    I hope L has a good first day!

    ditto this.  My daycare bag includes: 

    several outfits - I give 2 a day.

    bottles/milk/cups - Im still bfing so I just fill the bottles when I get there for the next day and put in the fridge.  I'd label them, but my mom is my DCP and well she only has him.

    Bibs, bibs and more bibs

    washclothes to wipe his face

    any medicine he may need (gas drops, tylenol, his reflux meds)

    Blanket & Lovie

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