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Baby Jogger City Mini question

For those of you that have or are getting this stroller, are you getting the car seat adapter or using something, such as the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support with the stroller in the reclined position?

 From the reviews I have read, everyone raves about this stroller, but when reading about the car seat adapter, many reviews I read stated that the Graco Snugride (we have the 32) did not fit snugly with the use of the car seat adapter on the stroller. 

 Thanks for any input!

Re: Baby Jogger City Mini question

  • Since the Snap'n'Go is the same price as the car seat adapter for the City Mini, we just got a SNG to use with the infant carrier for the first few months, then we'll transition to the City Mini when the weather starts getting nicer out so LO can get used to it before we take it on vacation with us.  
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  • We have a Chicco 30 carseat and use the adapter. Idk about the Graco but the Chicco snaps in perfectly and seems really secure. I had also heard that the Chicco did not fit that great but we did not have any problem. You just have to push down hard to snap it into place. I love the stroller and the adapter! It sits high on the stroller so she is nice and close!  Good luck! 
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  • I have the City Mini and used the Graco Snugride 35 with the adapter and it works fine. There is also a strap connected to the adapter that you buckle over the seat to secure it.

    I recommend the adapter because I hate to wake DS up to run into a store. It is easy to pop him out of the car in the seat and onto the stroller. Plus he can see me and is close when he is awake.  

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  • We are planning on doing the City Mini, but getting a Snap and Go for the infant months.  Since it's the same price I figure it makes more sense to register for something like the SNG rather than some adapter that is $60.  I've heard great things about the SNG, it seems really easy and compact when folded up, so that made more sense to us.
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