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2nd Trimester

What would it take?

I was thinking today about what it would take to make DH even feel half of what we feel. So far I have...

1) a fat suit mostly in the belly but a little extra everywhere, at least 10-15 pounds at this point

2) Make him eat 6 pieces of pizza. Then he would know how we(I) feel after about 1 piece any more

3) Hide all antacids! So he can know how bad it sucks to have horrible heart burn (although I can get it off water it seems) with no relief!

4) Sandpaper in shirt on nipples. Idk about you but my boobs hurt all the time! 

5) Set a watch that goes off every 20 min. for 24 hours. When it goes off he has to go sit on the toilet for at least a min. To know how annoying it is. 

Thats all I have so far lol and the mental picture is pretty funny. It still doesn't come close to it though and there are a lot of things I don't think you can even find a non-pregnant equivalent to like back pain, RLP, and the cramps you get from that uterus growing away! Any ideas?

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Re: What would it take?

  • Have him pee on himself when he sneezes.
  • For the cramps you could always give him something to make him go...and go...and go. lol Or makes him puke over and over.

    Have something he could wear around on his back so no matter how he lays in bed/ couch he can't get comfortable.

    A device that "leaks" into the front of his pants at random moments for those of us who are blessed with discharge.

     I'm sure I can come up with more.

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  • image katkat74:
    Have him pee on himself when he sneezes.

    lmao i have yet to experience this! I didn't with DD but I have a feeling when I get in the 30 weeks with this baby its going to happen!

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  • Yesterday DH and I were at the mall going to Pottery Barn to buy our nursery curtains and he started complaining about me walking slowly so I told him I was going to shove an eggplant up his ass and see how fast he could walk :)
  • For RLP we could always just randomly punch him in the abdomen throughout the day.
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