Update from L&D

It was my mucous plug and it turns out i was having contractions every 2-5 minutes. turns out i've been having them for about a week or so and just thought it was babies pushing/stretching. At the worst today they were a minute apart. They tried iv fluids and procardia first and they actually increased. The doc came in and checked my cervix. Luckily it is still high, firm, and measuring 3.7 cm. They switched me to terbutaline and its calmed them down finally.

They are keeping my overnight to continue to monitor. Hopefully i'll go home tomorrow on terb pills with bedrest orders. Babies look great and the fFn came back negative

I'm scared but for now things are calming down and holding steady.
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Re: Update from L&D

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    Oh gosh~  good luck and wishing you the best!  Take it easy~
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    it's good you went! So glad you did!

    try to relax as much as you can - your cervix is measuring good- so that's good.... and really take bedrest seriously - you gotta keep on cookin! has great info on PTL and avoiding it, etc... one of the best sites i've seen for that info.

    terb sucks... so does procardia, etc - made me feel like sh!t when i was on it with my singleton- but it helps... and that is what matters!

    prayers that all stays well - so glad you went!!

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    I'm so glad that you went in.  So much better to be safe than sorry....keep us posted!
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    How scary - glad that the new meds seem to be working, the FFN test was negative and that your cervix is holding nice and strong. 

    Hang in there mama!

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    I am glad you called!  Hang in there and I hope you are contraction-free and home soon.

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    Glad you are getting taken care of!

    Stay cooking babies!!!

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    i'm glad they got things calmed down - GL!  i hope you can keep those babies in a while longer!
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    T&P for you and the babies... I hope everything goes good.  Stay in there babies & grow, grow, grow. 
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