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heard a soft heart murmur

so today at our weight check the doc and nurse heard a soft heart murmur in our smallest girl. She is a month old and weighs 4-9, was born weighing 2-12. we are going tomorrow for a eco. they said it's probably an innocent murmur but would love to hear any experiences..


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Re: heard a soft heart murmur

  • One of my girls had a heart murmur.  We did the echo at 5 days (which was a piece of cake - she slept the whole time and it's painless).  It was diagnosed as a VSD and the cardiologist said that they typically close up in the first few years, but even if they don't they are generally harmless.  Kids just need to take antibiotics before dental procedures and surgery.  My DD's closed up by the time of her follow up appointment one year later.  It caused her no difficulties at all.

    I know lots of people with similar experiences.  I hope that the results of the echo give you some peace of mind.  Best of luck. 


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  • Ditto PP. Our DD was diagnosed with one at her 1 month appt. We went to the pediatric cardiologist and he said it will likely close within a year. We have a follow up appt next August. Most likely everything will be perfectly fine :)
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  • My mom has an innocent murmur - she's had 2 ecos over the years, and has never had any issues because of the murmur.
  • Our pedi found a murmur on our DD at her 6 month appointment. We had moved from out of state. We we're not sure if it was there since birth and her two old pedis missed it or if it developed later, which is more concerning. We were going to do an echo, but at her 9 month appointment, the murmur was already gone!
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