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Car seat travel question

We're flying back to the Midwest to visit family in December. We didn't buy a seat for baby since he'll only be 6 months at the time. I've heard it's best to gate check the car seat but my question is, do you just fasten it to the base and check the whole thing? How does that work?

Also, do they give you a hard time about formula? I'm concerned they'll be weird about a large amount of a powdery substance.

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Re: Car seat travel question

  • No problem with the formula. They might want to screen it but it's not a big deal. I would just not bring the base. Seems like a hassle. Plus if you happen to get an open seat then you can brung the seat on with you.
  • I would ask at check in are there any infant seats available on the flight. If they say no chance I would check in the car seat straight away rather than drag it through security & around the airport if it's not going to be used on board.

    I brought a travel car seat bag at BRU for only about $30 and it fits the base in it fine as well as extra baby items like clothing, blankets too :) It has a strap too to make it easy for carrying.

    Formula is fine - they'll swab it for sure and any bottles too but it only takes a few minutes. Just make sure you tell them at the security checkpoint & bring it out with any of your other liquids. Good luck! 

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