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LO has a pinkish eye, WWYD?

I guess it might be pink eye.  He's had a runny nose for like a month, so I'm sure he could have actual pink eye related to his cold.  He woke up with a little crustiness but nothing crazy, and his eye is just barely noticeably pink.  Would you keep him home from preschool tomorrow? Or send him and expect to get that call to come pick him up?  And also, he's only had it once & it went away on it's own because I was told you don't necessarily need to treat it, except for contagious reasons.  Now, the second issue here is that I'm due w/ LO #2 in 6 days, so any minute, so I was thinking of getting him "treated" with an antibiotic anyway just to be super sure he can come see me & newbie at the hospital.  Help!
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Re: LO has a pinkish eye, WWYD?

  • There's a lot of things that people call "pinkeye"- he could have a virus making him sick and his eye red. I'd say call the eye dr since you are due in a few days- you don't want yourself or baby getting it!

    Does he have allergies maybe? A month seems like a long time for a runny nose! 

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  • I'd keep him home and call the dr to find out for sure. I'd definitely keep him home though just in case, because if it is you don't want to expose other kids.
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  • I think there is something going around.  DD got the pinkish/goopy eye Wednesday, but she was also coughing.  We started antibiotics Thursday and her eye was back to normal by yesterday(Sunday).   I feel her eye issue was related to some type of bacterial/viral infection.  I kept her home until yesterday in order not to expose her to anyone else.  Our doctor gave us the go ahead to take her out for Halloween festivities yesterday(thank goodness). 


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