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My son is picking up some bad behavior


 I recently moved to a new area and have been meeting other moms to have play dates with my two kids who are 4 and 2. I've met this one particular mom who I really enjoy hanging out with and value her friendship very much. The issue is that her son (4 and a half) misbehaves so badly. My son who is six months younger than him is starting to mimic this behavior. This kids mom is very aware of his behavior and it stresses her out no end. He has been referred to a psychologist and is undergoing an evaluation for his behavior this week.He just seems so angry all the time. I'm unsure what I should be doing. Like I said I really value this moms friendship, she is so kind to us all. She wants to see us every week for play dates. I don't like to discipline her son in front of her as it would really break her heart, she really does her best to stay on top of any potential issues with him while our kids are playing. I would hate to add to her stress by her seeing me discipline her kid. I've been very much on top of the discipline with my son and letting him know that this behavior is not acceptable in any way shape or form. I feel I am going a little overboard with the discipline though as he is almost unable to get away with anything as I am totally wary of the friendship and what thoughts it could plant in his mind hanging out with this kid. My son really loves to hang out with him though and I would hate to have to separate them. My son is by no means a little angel himself but is generally good-hearted and kind, I would hate to see this go away. Please if you or anyone you may know has been in a similar situation what if anything did you do? Thank you.

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