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gobble gobble gobble

Im hosting thanksgiving with some friends this year...  where does everyone get their fresh turkeys from?  we need a big one....
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  • Local butcher is usually a good place to start. I try to call ahead though to claim one since they can go quick.
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  • I usually just order one at Safeway. My Safeway anyway makes sure they're not frozen at all when you pick them up. Even though they are fresh they are refrigerated really cold and they can sometimes get a little icy inside and that can really mess up your cook time. So it's worth asking about. Oh also trader joes has really good brined turkeys that are fresh. They go fast. I think you can order them though so they hold one for you.
  • We usually do QFC or Food Emporium, and they are kept fresh not refrozen at the store.

  • hehe, at least you waited to ask this question till after halloween! LOL
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  • Trader Joe's usually has good turkeys.  I believe they have kosher turkeys that cook up really nicely.

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  • I've been eating fresh turkey form the butcher on Front Street in Issaquah for years.  Yummy!
  • D & D Meats in Mount lake terrace. Call ahead!
  • We usually get ours from Costco.
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  • I saw that Smith Brothers (milk delivery folks) was offering them again. 

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