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Bundle Me/bunting question.

I remember reading someone (and I think it was on the Bump boards) that using a bunting, like the JJ Cole Bundle Me in a car seat can void insurance or there was some kind of safety issue with it. Could someone explain that for me or post a link? My friend was using one with her baby yesterday but I didn't want to say anything until I got my facts straight and knew why it was a "no-no". Thanks so much!
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Re: Bundle Me/bunting question.

  • Cushy buntings and snow suits can compress in an accident and could potentially be dangerous because the baby would not be in the harness tight enough.  I LOVE my bundle me but cut the back out around the harness straps so there is nothing between the baby and the car seat and the harness can be tightened safely.  Problems solved for me!  I couldn't live without mine, it's a very long cold winter where we live.  I don't like the shower cap style that encloses the entire seat, I like to unzip mine once the car is warm to that the baby doesn't over heat- although bundle me just came out with a new design that is shower cap style and zips down.
  • You're right, you shouldn't put anything behind your baby or attach anything to the car seat straps that was not provided with your car seat by the manufacturer.  Here is a link from a major car seat maker (see 2nd question): https://www.chiccousa.com/info/Chicco-FAQ.aspx

    Someone posted this earlier on 3-6 and it has a lot of good info about those types of products:  https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/safedrivers-childsafety-notices-d200401-menu-336.htm

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