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clogged duct?

I have a fairly large, painful, hard spot on one breast. It didn't go away with nursing, pumping, or a hot shower. Does it sound like a clogged duct? How else should I try to relieve it?

I have a chest cold and have been coughing up phlem. I also took mucinex which was supposed to be ok, but I'm wondering if it contributed.


Re: clogged duct?

  • Yes it sounds like a clogged duct. Keep nursing and massaging it and try different nursing positions too. It can take a few days to clear but you have to work on it so it doesn't get infected. They hurt! I hope yours clears soon.
  • Definitely sounds like a clogged duct. I had it 2 times while breastfeeding - here's my "cure".

    Right before each nursing session, fill up a newborn diaper with hot water. Put the hot water filled diaper up against your bare skin as close to the "hard spot" as possible and massage it. Do it for as long as you feel the water is warm.  Then, nurse your baby. While nursing, massage the area where the "hard spot" is. Try do it the entire time.

    I had to do this for about 2 days each time - and it cleared up.

  • I had this earlier... it took several days to go away.  All good advice, especially nursing like crazy and massaging, even if it's painful.  If you can point Wolfy's chin toward the area, that can help too, since their lower jaw does most of the movement.  

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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