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fitting baby furniture into tiny 1bdrm?

Hi NY moms!

I would love some advice on fitting the baby furniture into our tiny 1 bedrm in Brooklyn...especially on whether or not I need a changing table (and brands of smaller tables if I do need one)! I did find a mini-crib that will fit--yay!

Thanks in advance!

Re: fitting baby furniture into tiny 1bdrm?

  • We are using the surface of our dresser as a changing table. Lots of folks do just need a changing pad.  If you don't have room for a dresser, our Ouef crib also has a changing station that rests on the top of the crib:


  • I think you can skip it. We just used a waterproof crib liner/pad thingy spread out on our bed and a diaper caddy for all the stuff. 


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  • Half the time, I don't even use our changing table.  I change both kids on the floor, the couch, the bed - wherever I am.  It's definitely not necessary. 

    The one I have is a dresser too - and if I had to do it over again, I would get something very tall to use the vertical space (rather than short and wide like I have).  Once the baby arrives, the apartment will feel so small.  The swing, a bouncer - all these things are huge. 

    A mini-crib is good.  We use a stroller bassinet while they were very little and then once my son got bigger, we used the pack n play. 

    If you plan on having more than one child, I highly recommend getting a storage unit once they outgrow stuff.  I gave away so much because of space issues.  Then we had to buy/borrow a lot of stuff for our second.  A storage unit would have been a better idea.

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  • I can't imagine not having a place to change my baby. I just put a changing pad on top of a dresser and put all my supplies in the dresser...including blankets & bath supplies. Its a very small Ikea dresser.

    Get a mini crib or I got the Stokke crib which is very space efficient. Basically don't get a sleigh crib!! Those things are HUGE! Also the rock & play which they can sleep in and it takes up very little space is only 50 bux and you can use that up to 25lbs. I also put up shelving and used fabric Martha Stewart boxes to put onsies and sleepers in. You could get a net that you hang from the ceiling for toys. well thats all I got! GL!

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