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Inspire me with your LO's favorite meals!

DS started out as a really good eater.  There were very few things he would not eat.  As time goes on, he is starting to push away my go to meals.  Like veggie lasagna, chicken fried rice, even quesadillas!  There are good things that he will eat like chicken, broccoli, peas, etc.  but I don't like to cook different meals for him and us.  I like to make a variety of things so I am looking for some new ideas that work for adults and toddlers.

What are some healthy family meals that your picky LO eats?

Re: Inspire me with your LO's favorite meals!

  • i'm not help. M eats air. 
  • one standby for us and DD is whole wheat spaghetti (or barilla plus spaghetti -- has added vitamins) with ground turkey cooked in marinara sauce.  i eat it w/ a side of veggies, usually broccoli or spinach... DD needs her veggies mixed in though for her to eat them.

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  • Us too.  DS would live on spaghetti and pasta if we let him!  He eats adult sized portions.  We usually do it with turkey sausage or chicken parm (if I am feeling ambitious).  Do you just mix in the steamed spinach with the pasta and sauce?  This is a good idea, he loves spaghetti so much, I don't think he would care.....

  • I have a recipe for broccoli rice & cheese casserole in my blog that DD1 loves. I freeze it in small portions (she and DH like it, but I don't) and heat them up at mealtime. 

    We do breaded pork chops, potatoes and broccoli as a family meal that DD1 likes. (She loves mashed potatoes!) She also likes meatloaf (again with a side/veggie). 

    Chicken pot pie is another good basic meal in our rotation, and I like that one b/c there are a ton of recipes that range from super simple & fast to much more intensive (frozen veggies vs. fresh, what type of crust, individual ramekins or one big pie, etc.), and homemade chicken soup now that it's getting cold.

    I usually buy a whole chicken and roast it for dinner one night (another good family meal), then the next day I use the carcass to make stock in the crockpot. Then I pick off the meat and either use it for pot pie and freeze the stock, or strain everything, put the meat back in and go straight to chicken noodle soup.


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  • DS loves tacos (we add spinach and tomatoes), anything that has a noodle and a sauce, and soup. It's the weirdest thing. He will eat any and all kinds of soups. Loves the stuff.
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