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Nesties and Advice

We have all asked each other for advise over the years.  Why did I wait so long to take the advice of the Target diapers?  You guys have always said such great things about them, but I was hesitant to try them.  Not sure why.  I finally bought a pack and they are great!  So, with the money that I save from not buying Pampers, can I get a pedi?  Smile

The next marketing idea is for someone to make little packs that include at least 5-10 diapers from all of the different major brands and their types.  (Pampers Cruisers, dry max, Huggies, Luvs, etc.)  Everyone wants to find a diaper that works the best, but I didn't want to invest in the different packs.  Perhaps something to think about if you have a bunch of friends that are willing to all chip in to buy packs of diapers.....


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